It’s that time of year again for students:  the back-to-school shopping trips, the selection of new lunchboxes, and the excitement surrounding moving up a grade level.  

Each new school year brings with it new adventures.

For me, I approach August with nearly uncontainable excitement, as I am joining a new school in a new position.  I’ve spent the summer getting to know my new family and enjoying an exciting atmosphere where student learning takes precedence.  It is truly a wonderful thing to behold– a school where the phrase “it’s about the student” is uttered regularly, whether on the lips of a teacher, the headmaster, a business office manager, or a parent.  There’s a definite feeling of “we are in this together.”  As we should be.

So, as you journey forward to class in August, remind yourself that when we rip away the politics and the financial worries,  we are still in education for the students. Make sure that your students feel that every day. Be certain that when they walk out of your doors in the afternoon that they know that there is one place where they matter the most.